for the birds

October, Turku: Spring is gone, autumn’s here: loss, change, scarfs. Many birds are quiet and it has gotten a bit windy. The performance “For the birds” tries to retrieve ten minutes of spring. In the end of May, near the old prison of Kakola, jail bird song was recorded on a very early Sunday. For the New Performance Turku Festival, a group of bird enthuastics re-enacted and performed these 10 minutes of morning song on an October evening. To catch a bird’s song has been subject to various scientific and artistic projects over centuries. It remains impossible in many ways, no matter how intelligent or advanced human technologies and techniques have become. “For the birds” deals with notions of care, expertise, translation and time: How can we approach what is out of reach?

Performed on 8th of October 2016, with Ari Linna, Harriet Rabe, Miia Rainio, Veli-Pekka Rautiainen and Mia Rönkä.

pictures: (c) Jussi Virkkumaa, New Performance Festival Turku 2016

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