Harriet Rabe von Froreich works as an artist, dramaturge, poet and researcher. With a background in performance art, writing and philosophy, she creates multimedia works, living installations, score-based autodidactic practices, and speaking machines. Her special interests lie in arts and ecology, translation and communication systems, the absurd as a coping practice, missed calls, intersectionalism and answering machines.

Rabe von Froreich currently pursues an artistic PhD in the Arts and Research programme at the Bauhaus University Weimar. She holds a Master of Arts (Theatre and Drama) in Live Art and Performance Studies, Theatre Academy Helsinki (FI), a Master of Arts in Philosophy, Literature and Aesthetics, European University Viadrina Frankfurt (Oder) / Slubice (2015) and a Bachelor of Arts in Theatre & Literature Sciences, Free University Berlin (GER) / Universit̩ Paris VIII St. Vincennes РSt. Denis (2011).

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